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Looking for a unique email address? An email address that does not include advertising on your emails? An email address that you can use with a POP program or web-based access?
We have over 40 domain name options to choose from. Just pick a domain and what you want your email address to be.

Get an email address like:

Get an email address of whateveryouwant@

We are always adding more domains to choose from.

You can even have email to that address forwarded to a different one, like your Yahoo, Gmail, or MSN email address.

Email Package Options:
setup fee ?no setup fee
monthly ?$1.50 n/a$4.30 n/a$10.80n/a
quarterly ?
    25% off
$3.40 n/a$9.65$24.40
yearly ?
    50% off
space ?10MB100MB1GBn/a
data transfer ?1GB5GB50GB10GB
Order form will be ready soon.
For now, orders can be made by emailing us at: spacer
All packages include:
  • Web-based Control Panel ?
  • POP and Web Mail ?
  • Quality Customer Support ?
  • Nightly Backup ?
  • 30 day guarantee ?

If you have any custom requests, just email us at


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