Terms and Conditions
Web Hosting
This is a simplified version of our hosting Terms and Conditions. It is a brief part of our full Terms of Service. Our full "Terms of Service" can be found here. When signing up for any of our hosting services, you must agree to our full "Terms of Service".

We will provide hosting for clients who:

  • will not use their site as a source of illegal, pirated, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, or discriminatory, material
  • will not use their site as a source of adult oriented "XXX" material
  • will not use their site for the transmission of mass unsolicited email (SPAM)
  • will not use their site to aid in the spread of viruses or trojans
  • will not use poorly written programs or scripts, or install 3rd party software that may cause server problems or excess cpu usage
  • will provide correct contact information, and update it as necessary
  • will pay hosting fees within 10 days of the due date

In exchange we will:

  • notify you at least 48 hours in advance of any planned server downtime
  • minimize server downtime in the event of crashes or attacks
    (If your site is ever inaccessible please notify us promptly)
  • not shut down or suspend your website due to abuse without attempting to contact you first, unless it is necessary for the operation of other client sites or an illegal action is being performed
  • not suspend your website due to lack of payment without giving you one reminder providing a 10 day grace period
    (If payment is not received within 20 days of due date, your account will be suspended)
  • not give out any personal information, including email addresses, to any 3rd party unless necessary or required by law

It is very important for you to keep your contact information up to date with us.


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