New Packages and Pricing

In day to day life, the cost of almost everything keeps going up, but the cost of computer storage and data transfer is still going down. To keep up with these changes, we have decided it's time to give better pricing. We are working on our new plans and pricing now and should have them up by mid-November. To give you an idea of the new plans and pricing, our smallest package will be 500MB of space and our bigger ones will be unlimited* space and transfer.

If you order one of our current hosting plans with our double-it-up special, your account will be upgraded automatically, at no additional charge, once we roll out our new plans, and the double-it-up special will still apply. 100MB or smaller packages will automatically become 500MB. Larger packages will become unlimited.

*limited only by server resources and usage limitations
There is no such thing as true unlimited space or transfer. That's impossible. Read the terms carefully at any hosting provider who offers "unlimited". Unlimited means as long as your site is complying with our terms, you don't have to worry about watching your space or transfer.